Help for Cooper and Goy Families

For those of you that are interested in helping the Cooper and Goy families, here are some resources for you.  

1.  A CareCalendar has been set up.  This is an online way to choose a day to make a meal, so that it is coordinated.  One for Jason-Jeanette Cooper and kids, one for Barbara Cooper (his mom) and for Charlie and Laura Goy (his sister). This will be a huge help to all.  Please share and pass along- and most of all thank you !

Any questions - Candi Pacholk Jacobs can be reached at 631-645-5560

Jeanette Cooper and kids
Calendar ID: 256094
Security code: 5235

Mrs. Barbara Cooper (Jason's mom)
Calendar ID: 256159
Security code: 2122

Laura & Charlie Goy (Jason's sister)
Calendar ID:  256158
Security code:  4168

2.  There is a Memorial Fund for Jason and Jeanette's children through the Mattituck Presbyterian Church

You can send a check to MPC: PO Box 1411, Mattituck, NY 11952. Please make sure you note on your check that the funds are for Jason Cooper Memorial Fund.

Penny Maffetone is the contact on behalf of the Mattituck Presbyterian Church.  Email: or Phone: 631-413-9017

Thank you everyone for your help and support.