Adopt-a-Family Holiday Fundraiser a great success. THANK YOU!

Our annual Adopt-a-Family Holiday Fundraiser was an immense success! It truly is amazing to see such depths of generosity and love from our community.

We would like to thank all of you, but especially the many anonymous donors, for giving so much to our family in need.

The family is very thankful for everyone's support, and wanted you all to know how much your thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated.

To be able to make the holidays special, even for just one family, is truly the spirit of the holiday season.

The New Suffolk Civic Association


Please be aware of the new recycling rules for 2019!

The Town of Southold has this information on their website:


As you may have heard, Long Island is in a recycling crisis. Due to changing market conditions, mixed “single stream” recyclables are no longer marketable due to contaminants from broken glass and garbage. The Town therefore will have to return to accepting only recyclables pre-sorted by residents. In the coming weeks, bins at the Transfer Station will be re-arranged to accept sorted recyclables into 3 categories as follows:

Mixed CLEAN Paper (Cardboard/Newspaper/Office Paper/Magazines/Catalogs/Mail)

Mixed CLEAN Tin Cans/Aluminum Cans and Trays/Plastic Bottles #1 and #2 ONLY

CLEAN Glass bottles





For residents who cannot sort their recyclables by that date, the facility will still accept them mixed together until February 1.

More information can be found on their website:

NSCA requests update from NS School Board

On March 1st, the NSCA sent an email to the NS School Board requesting an update regarding our school.   Our school board president, Tony Dill, responded late last week that there has been considerable progress in negotiations with Ms. Kennelly.  More information will be available at the School Board Meeting on March 13th at 7pm.

Here is a copy of the email.

To the  New Suffolk School Board : 

As  representative of the New Suffolk Community, the New Suffolk Civic Association is asking the school board for an update  describing the top points that voters need to know in order to be informed to vote on Tues., March 27.   

Paul Cacioppo, 

President New Suffolk Civic Association

Adopt-a-Family 2017 a great success. THANK YOU!

Our 2nd annual Adopt-a-Family Holiday Fundraiser was a great success.    It truly is amazing to see such depths of generosity and love from our community.  

We would like to thank all of you, but especially the many anonymous donors, for giving so much to our family in need.  

The family asked us to tell all of you that they are very thankful for everyone's support.   

To be able to make the holidays special, even for just one family, is truly the spirit of the holiday season.  

Help for Cooper and Goy Families

For those of you that are interested in helping the Cooper and Goy families, here are some resources for you.  

1.  A CareCalendar has been set up.  This is an online way to choose a day to make a meal, so that it is coordinated.  One for Jason-Jeanette Cooper and kids, one for Barbara Cooper (his mom) and for Charlie and Laura Goy (his sister). This will be a huge help to all.  Please share and pass along- and most of all thank you !

Any questions - Candi Pacholk Jacobs can be reached at 631-645-5560

Jeanette Cooper and kids
Calendar ID: 256094
Security code: 5235

Mrs. Barbara Cooper (Jason's mom)
Calendar ID: 256159
Security code: 2122

Laura & Charlie Goy (Jason's sister)
Calendar ID:  256158
Security code:  4168

2.  There is a Memorial Fund for Jason and Jeanette's children through the Mattituck Presbyterian Church

You can send a check to MPC: PO Box 1411, Mattituck, NY 11952. Please make sure you note on your check that the funds are for Jason Cooper Memorial Fund.

Penny Maffetone is the contact on behalf of the Mattituck Presbyterian Church.  Email: or Phone: 631-413-9017

Thank you everyone for your help and support.

Adopt-a-Family Holiday fundraiser a great success. THANK YOU!


Our first annual Adopt-a-family Holiday fundraiser was a great success.    It truly is amazing to see such depths of generosity and love from our community.  Once again, New Suffolk proves itself as a very special town! 

We would like to thank all of you for taking a bit of time, especially during such a crazy time of year, to respond so rapidly and in such a positive way!

The family also asked that we send their deepest thanks for everyone's support.   

To be able to make the holidays special, even for just one family, is truly the spirit of the holiday season.  

We also want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! 

The New Suffolk Civic Association

Summer 2016 Newsletter

IF YOU WERE NOT IN NEW SUFFOLK ON JULY 4th YOU MISSED A VERY SPECIAL EVENT! As promised, this year's parade was bigger and better than ever. From the first steps led by the Cutchogue Fire Department to the last, scores of children, floats, flags, vintage cars, military veterans and local community organizations came together to celebrate America's birthday. Patriotic songs, history, and even the firing of a cannon rounded out the waterside

program. Our thanks, once again go to the Wickham family for the use of their wagon/stage and of course to the Moore foundation for the generous and delicious picnic lunch served by Case’s Place. 

Many thanks to everyone who attended our annual meeting on June 18th. For those who were not present, we are happy to announce that the NSCA has opened its board to three new Directors. Three board members are parents with children in our school. This is a big asset for our community; it will help shape the future of our hamlet with the perspective of parents. 

Joan Doherty gave the treasury and the yard sale reports and thanked Jim Baker, for his help and expertise. Jeanette Cooper gave the New Suffolk School Enrichment Fund report and thanked the community for their generous support. The NSCA was also recognized for its continued effort and generosity. A new playground was installed and the ballfield has been refurbished. Jeanette also mentioned that the Enrichment Fund is also committed to raising money in support of science and nature programs, museum trips etc.

This year, the Spirit of New Suffolk Award was given to the late Lily Andrews, a beloved resident. Carol Dinda spoke about Lily’s wonderful life, courage and compassion. We shall miss her and will always remember her as Lady Liberty on our 4th of July Parade.

Tony Dill, New Suffolk School Board President thanked the community for its support and praised the wonderful school faculty and staff while looking forward for another great school year.

Many residents expressed that a primary concern in our hamlet is speeding along with parking issues on First Street, the beach and when events are scheduled in town. Paul and Joe have been meeting regularly with Southold Police Chief Flatley and Supervisor Scott Russell. Thank you to Jim Baker for your information on traffic procedures with the Town, andyouroffertohelpNSCAinexpeditinganyconcernsresidentsmayhave. Ifyouseeacode violation, such as parking, you can submit your complaint online, and the Code Enforcement Officer is emailed the complaint. The link for Code Enforcement is:

Hosting a benefit 5K Run to help raise funds for the Rett Syndrome Foundation.
Organizing our community clean up
Supporting Cutchogue-New Suffolk library
Organizing a petition and writing letters in support of Homer Clare, our active postmaster for the position of permanent postmaster.
Fighting to protect the ballfield and keep it free of parking.
Supporting US Submariners and the history of the USS Holland

NSCA membership was at its highest level 2015/2016 since 2011. One hundred and twelve memberships totaling over 170 people chose to support our community association. Projects such as the funding of a new school playground, refurbishing of the ball field, along with free summer concerts, all sponsored by NSCA have encouraged community members to support our Association. If you have not yet joined for the 2016/2017 year please consider filling out the form included in this newsletter or visit our website: and click the ‘JOIN’ button in the upper right corner of the page. Follow the directions. Like us on Facebook: ‘I love New Suffolk

The NSCA is also part of the NORTH FORK CIVIC ASSOCIATION COALITION. Meetings are held every 6 weeks at the Southold Library where all the Civic Associations share their ideas and concerns about the North Fork.

On Saturday July 2
nd, the ball field came alive again with an extraordinary performance of our great North Fork Rock/Country stars, Gene Casey and the Lone Sharks! What a treat that was!

Reminder: Community Concert on the ballfield. Bring your family, your friends and a chair and enjoy our last summer concert, Belle Voce. Sunday, August 14th(rain date August 21st) 6:30pm

The NSCA would like to thank the New Suffolk School for the use of their beautiful grounds for our community. Beside the little league practicing and live performances, residents now have another place to meet and sit. A group of Petanque players are also showing their skills at the game and invite everyone who would like to play to join them. If you are interested contact Michelle Roussan or call/text at 631 521 5375

Have a great summer! Let’s embrace our beautiful hamlet and treasure our unique community!