The People Have Spoken

Pursuant to the NSCA community Meeting on September 13, 2014, below are the results of the waterfront survey.  The NSCA is sending this out to fulfill a commitment made to the community to provide the residents and property owners with a voice and representation of their concerns.   

New Suffolk Civic Association Waterfront Survey


1. About You

     I live in New Suffolk                 123   Full Time                44  Part Time

     Home Ownership                     149  I Own                      16  I Rent      

     Residence Location                 72  In the Grid                 90  Out of the Grid


2.  The Galley Ho Building

Pending regulatory approval and general permits, the NSWF hopes to move forward with plans to renovate the former Galley Ho building.  However, the ultimate use of the building has not yet been determined.

Which of the following uses for the Galley Ho building would be appropriate?

 (Please rate each of the following possible uses (1=Good;  2=OK;  3=Undesirable)


_______Full Restaurant ­ Good 37;  OK 20;  Undesirable 87


_______Cafe (more informal, more modest menu) Good 63;  OK 31;  Undesirable 49


_______Mixed ­use community facility with a snack bar window or counter, and                                           some  available seating   Good 69;  OK 38;  Undesirable 38

_______Mixed-use, snack bar window only  - Good 25;  OK 62;  Undesirable 51

_______Mixed-use, no food service at all ­ Good 59;  OK 19;  Undesirable 68


3.  Special Events

The NSWF has indicated that special events may be necessary for fundraising and long term financial stability. 

Please indicate which of the following types of events should be allowed if needed.

________Small fundraising events inside the Galley Ho, open to all

                  (Art shows, cocktail parties, etc.)  Yes - 152;  No - 14            

                  If  yes, how many per year?  65  1 to 4;   43   5 to 9;   39  No limit

________Large Fundraising events outside on the property, open to all

                  (Chowderfest, 5k race, etc)  Yes - 128;  No -  30

                  If yes, how many per year? 90  1 to 4;   28  5 to 9;  10  No Limit

________Private events indoors within the Galley Ho building

                  (Local organization dinners, corporate retreats, private parties, etc.)

                  Yes - 108;   No - 44

                  If yes, how many per year? 41  1 to 4;   32  5 to 9;   30  No Limit

________Private outdoor tented events on the property

                  (Weddings, reunions, conventions, etc.)  Yes - 69;  No - 84

                  If yes, how many per year? 47 1 to 4;  15  5 to 9;    7   No Limit