Letter to the County Executive

Last week several residents of New Suffolk plus several members of the New Suffolk Civic Association met with Legislator Al Krupski to discuss concerns about pollution of the bay and water table.  Mr. Krupski suggested contacting the Suffolk County Executive Bellone.  Quoted below,  is the text of the letter.  The NSCA suggests that, if you have similar concerns, you should write to the County Executive as well.

"Honorable Mr. Bellone,

     I am writing this letter on behalf of the New Suffolk Civic Association and the residents of New Suffolk that we represent. We are all very concerned about the quality of the bay waters surrounding our hamlet as well as the fresh water that lies beneath. At present, the New Suffolk Waterfront Fund is in the process of relocating the restaurant and the required septic system that is associated with it. This is being done with town approval. We realize that the only item the County has any control over through the Department Of Health is the septic system. The Waterfront Fund is determined to build this out to the maximum allowable size, which will introduce significant pollution into an already overburdened and threatened resource. Our bay and surrounding creeks are being shut down at an alarming rate due to commercial and residential pollution. The addition of a sixty six seat restaurant in such close proximity to the waterfront is going to be a further insult.

    By the process of sending all of our residents a questionnaire, the Civic Association found that the majority favored a small scale café style operation. The Waterfront Fund, who professed to want to do what the community wanted is no longer interested in hearing us. They are now just marching on with their plans for the large scale operation. We fear, that with the current required septic system, that the pollution stream will be in the bay in no time due to the permeability of the ground. We would love to see the Health Department cause them to move this septic system as far from the waters edge as possible or even require a downsizing of the septic system to help limit the impact on the bay and and groundwater.

    We all love the bay and all that it provides for us in the way of seafood and recreation. This year has been a banner year for the scallop industry. There has been a very large harvest of very large scallops and after speaking with Legislator Al Krupski, he has informed us that millions of Dollars have been pumped into the county’s economy. We would hate to see that lost or jeopardized in any way and it known that pollution from these septic systems, especially large commercial ones, can cause algae blooms and are detrimental to the seaweed and underwater vegetation that scallops need to reproduce And thrive.


Any help or guidance you and your staff can afford us will be very much appreciated."