A Letter to Post Office Officials

This week, NSCA Paul Cacioppo will be sending a letter to Post Office Officials regarding the present staff at our post office.  The text of the letter is quoted below.

"The New Suffolk Civic Association would like to share some thoughts about our post office. Our small hamlet on the East end of Long Island is unusual in that we do not have an option for home mail delivery. Our residents must walk or drive to the post office to collect their mail, making it an important meeting place and an essential part of the fabric of our community.

Following the retirement of our long-time postmaster, Kim Norkelun, we experienced a revolving door of substitute USPS employees. This coincided with three very challenging circumstances:  1) the holiday season, with its massive influx of mail and packages; 2) the USPS’s new practice of accepting packages from private carriers, such as FedEx, and 3) the new postmaster’s rigid stance that all packages arriving at the post office without a PO Box number be immediately returned to sender.

Clearly, you can see the problem that transpired. Private carriers used the post office as a drop off points for hundreds – if not thousands – of packages that residents expected would be delivered to their door, and the substitute USPS workers were immediately sending them back. Many holidays were ruined as a result, and many residents have still not be able to rectify all of their items gone missing.

This is why we were so grateful that on December 27, 2014, Mr. Homer Clare reported for service at the New Suffolk Post Office. Mr. Clare worked extremely hard to remedy a difficult situation by working with residents and box holders to resolve their mail and delivery issues. Things are now running smoothly once again, and Mr. Clare is single-handedly responsible for this turnaround. His kind and compassionate approach to his duties is greatly appreciated by our community. 
Accordingly, the New Suffolk Civic Association would like to state for the record that we would be extremely pleased if Mr. Homer Clare could be assigned to the New Suffolk Post Office on a permanent basis.

We ask that this letter of commendation and endorsement be added to all of Mr. Clare’s Official Personnel Records. Thank you in advance for the attention that you will give to this letter."